Friday, 14 October 2016

Little Loves | Dinosaur Clothing, Quesadillas and Breaking the Twitch

Last week I was super happy with where I was in regards to reading, and this week I'm quite the opposite! I'm finding myself to be finicky with my reading choices, and I have recently given up on a book I had a bookmark in. I did recently reread a favourite ghost story of mine by Susan Hill, and so it was nice revisiting that.

This past week I discovered a new to me YouTube channel: Break the Twitch. Anthony, the channel's creator, focuses on intentional living and sharing his thoughts and philosophy on the subject, including 'breaking the twitch'. I can relate to the 'twitch' (an impulsive, unproductive response to discomfort) so much, and found the video titled: Break the Twitch: An Intentional Living Philosophy super insightful and enlightening in a way. Since then I've watched a bunch of Anthony's videos and really enjoy the message he is putting forward as well as the way in which he articulates it.

Often times, when it comes to minimalism and intentional living, some people have a very black and white approach to it, whereas Anthony doesn't; he is open to different approaches within the same movement and the fact that what is of value and importance to one may be vastly different to the next person.

Minimising and intentional living are things I've been working on the whole of this year, so I'm glad to have found Anthony's channel and philosophy.

'Daddy on the see saw', 'daddy push on swing', 'daddy run run run', etc. Last weekend we went to the park with Alexander as the three of us, and every time Alexander and I have been to the park this week since it has been non stop chatter about when Daddy came to the park - because, y'know, Daddy is so much more fun than Mummy!

Alexander is really started to recall memories more often now, and sharing them with me, which is just so lovely.

This week I made another super simple dinner that I've been wanting to make for a while but never gotten round to - I made cheese and tomato quesadillas and served them with Mexican rice and some sweetcorn. The meal was delicious, and a hit with Alexander as well as the rest of the household. Another super simple meal added to the current rotation.

Alexander recently transitioned from his 2-3 clothes into 3-4. I know a lot of people make the wardrobe shift a gradual thing, but what I do is set aside bits that are getting small for a given time period, and then just switch everything all at the one time - donating the entire 2-3 wardrobe and switching to the 3-4 all at the one time. I dislike having to constantly check what fits and what doesn't, and find this way works best for me. Alexander has been loving his dinosaur joggers and sweatshirt combo.

I've already been thinking ahead to goals for the new year and such, is that a little crazy?! Don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing the new year upon us yet, I'm just planning ahead.